Flying Carpet - Trygve Lies Plass

An urban recycling operation consisting of the following operations: 1. insertion of a green mobility center as continuous surface and facade of the plaza which acts as a dynamizer over an existing area, 2. densification of existing alignment trees and reduction of parking. 3. asymmetric arrangement of wheeled traffic circulation. Superficial interventions reconfiguring the existing urbanization (perforations, fillings, paint, etc.) that defaces the executed kerb development. There are two main objectives: one of a social nature, aimed to generate urban, economic, cultural, sport, recreational, activities in a multipurpose space, and one of an environmental nature: The bioclimatic adaptation of an outdoor space reacting differently according to the weather conditions.
The formal concept has three main components: 1)Green gradation to urban public space The green from the park blurs into the public open plaza in a gradual way that allows different natural and urban atmospheres. 2)Urban topographical carpet The site is understood as a continuous carpet that alters its geometrical topography in order to host with a very simple gesture -a curvilinear folding-, the green mobility center in one of its sides, and a water natural element in the other. 3)Programatic urban actions Different kind of programs and seasonal events can be possible in this new plaza in order to create and promote identity and citizenship appropriation (green-Furuset, art -Furuset, play-Furuset, light-Furuset, shop- Furuset…)


Trygve Lies Plass


Oslo, Norway






Municipality of Oslo


1st place

Project Area 



MestresWåge Arquitectes SLP & MX_SI Architectural Studio: Maria Mestres Domenech, Magnus Wåge, Boris Bezan, Mara Partida Muñoz, Hector Mendoza Ramirez, Olga Bombac


Degree of Freedom AS & Granlund Consulting OY: Gaute Mo, Marcin Kaciak, Ville Reikanen, Juha Viholainen