A roman fish factory lies buried beneath the site (where it is assumed that other roman or medieval remains also exist). The three existing buildings must be kept as well as two properties where construction is prohibited. The building is constructed following an Esherian pattern which is repeated and rotated across the site. The boundary […]

With an old Norwegian building tradition as point of departure, the “tun”-structure, a fusion between nature and landscape is allowed to appear. The division of the total footprint into small buildings keeps the steep shape of the landscape as intact as possible. The buildings will appear as a transition between the open nature and denser […]

The apartments in Berani (Rialp), offer a solution integrated into the morphology of the village. By slightly deforming the ideal layout, the building is adapted to the sites topography and shape. The project consists of 12 apartments (with parking). All apartments have a private entrance from the main plaza; creating a public area for ​​interaction. […]

The six row houses are situated in San Sadurní d’Anoia in Penedés. Each house has a garden on the east side towards the street, and a more private one on its west side. The entrance, kitchen and living-room are on the ground level facing the gardens with glazed facades. On the first and second level […]

This is a corner apartment in a building from 1920 facing the renovated Plaça Lesseps and Avinguda República argentina, Barcelona. The main concern of the project was to visualize the construction principle of the building consisting of structural walls and concrete beams. The user goes from room to room, it’s an apartment without corridors. The […]

The project is located on a farm in the municipality of Jølster, the clients wanted to transform an old barn into their home. The house they needed was smaller than the existing barn and we proposed to build a “box in the box”. This climatized box was placed in the center of the barn, dividing […]

Cerda’s Eixample grid creates the premises for the shape of the given lot in Barcelona. The lot is located close to many cultural institutions in a merging area. The main programme is social housing and commercial, and takes form in four lots with four forms creating four distinct buildings with the same capacity utilization, and […]

We propose 3 buildings for social housing consisting mainly of apartments with an N/S orientation, communicating visually to the surrounding green areas. Commercial locals are in the northern part of the lot, while the access to the parking is located at the lowest part of the inclined lot in south. The parking follows the footprint […]

The site is located in a row of houses facing the shore in the old center of the village of Askvoll on the west coast of Norway. The two villas are designed to make the size and volume harmonize with the row of houses along the shoreline. The houses are three floors high and has […]