Our proposal is to use the Artic Cultural Centre to create a new type of public space in Hammerfest using the centre’s programs as a generator. As most of the programmatic components are themselves spaces of a public nature, we propose that they become a part of the cultural centre’s public zone. We wish to […]

The building is divided into a series of zones formed by the circles and the negative spaces inbetween them; the circles themselves are cropped by the sites boundaries and span several stories (from basement to 1st floor). Different areas may have different qualities and can be programmed individually as a group. The structure may contain […]

Our proposal for the new market of Bergen is a 28x55x8m rectangular box. The building is an object on the quay; a box for fish wrapped in fishing nets and algae, metaphorically linking the building to the sea. The market is related to four different situations. The proposal seeks to engage and participate in the […]

Our proposal is a compact volume of three floors adapted to the steep topography of the site. The building is organized around a landscaped courtyard that is in turn surrounded by waiting areas. The courtyard opens to the green zone that starts at the back of the site, connecting the health centre to football field, […]

How does one simultaneously achieve building a public square and creating a public space? As the site for this new public space and town hall lacks the situation typical of such a program; usually an opening in an otherwise dense urban area, there is a risk of the square and its required buildings becoming undefined […]

Changes in information technology have provoked a shift in the function of the library. Information is nowadays to a large extent available on digital devices anywhere, with an increasing amount of books and other media available digitally. In the context of this we see a shift from the library as a centre for access to- […]

Our proposal for a new community centre in Baró de Viver (Barcelona) is designed as a compact volume organized around an open courtyard. With a starting point in the classical scheme of a court house the footprint has been adjusted to the site and a future expansion of the centre. Surrounding the courtyard is an […]

The museum is divided into ten different buildings that contain a library, administration, cafeteria, auditorium, workshops, laboratory, temporary exhibitions and permanent exhibitions (x3). The buildings are placed on the site in relation to use, light, views and together create a common space between them To provide the necessary indoor link between the ten buildings we […]

The project marks the place where the first Norwegian court of law was situated- the Gulatinget. The programme consists of an exhibition place, auditorium, restaurant, wardrobes and storage for the outdoor theatre play which is celebrated annually. Our proposal splits the programme into seven different buildings that are placed together in a constellation that allows […]

The culture house is situated in a polygon of municipal functions; a primary school, city hall, home for the elderly and a kindergarten. The buildings are spread far apart, surrounded by a large amount of land that creates an intimate link to nature. Our proposal is to create a house for culture that acts as […]

The design of the building departs from a classical court yard layout which is slightly skewed in each floor to provide terraces and porches. The translucent u- glass facade covered in chicken net allows for climbing plants that change with the seasons.   Project Offices for park and sports Leganes Location Leganés, Spain Year 2010 […]

The project respects and further develops existing urban spaces, streets and patterns of movement. Fragments of the existing school building, important to Kristiansund’s collective memory, have been preserved and integrated into the new building. Folkets hus has been restored to its original appearance and reprogrammed for use by the university. The floor plans are designed […]

The Kunstsilo competition called for proposals to transform the Odderøya grain silo, which was built in 1935 on the wharf Silokaia in Kristiansand, Norway. It stands next to the Kilden Performing Arts Centre. The kunstsilo proposoal harnesses all the expressive power of a silo (an existing heritage building) in order to generate a diverse and […]

A sociocultural centre in the neighbourhood of Sant Marti in Barcelona where the focus on the common and public spaces are visible through its open and differentiated series of spaces with natural light connected through an event of interior and exterior spaces moving in a diagonal direction. The diagonal emphasises on the visual and physical […]

The expansion of the Science Center Vitengarden contains kinder garden, administration and pedagogical spaces for the museum. The center works mainly with exploring the past, present and future of agriculture in the area. We have distributed all rooms on the main level in a large chain around an inner courtyard. This is done in order […]

The building is oriented towards and develops a sequence of varied urban spaces for Sola center. The planned City Hall garden connects the park level with th city hall square. The connection between these two central urban spaces infiltrates the facility. The building around the newly established City Hall garden is organized as five volumes […]

The plan for the harbor park envisions a new urban area including an attractive waterfront promenade. The extension of Elvegata ties today’s city centre to the new neighborhood. The position of the Town Hall in the crossing between the waterfront promenade and Elvegata grants it with a central position where pedestrian- and bike lanes cross. […]

Trip trap is a combined youth and senior centre in at typical Eixample Quarter in Barcelona. It is a universally designed building where readability, transparency and invitation is the main project tool. A diagonal succession of double and triple height spaces give a vertical connection between floors that are expressed in the facade and may […]

Taiga, the museum and the forest. The competition called for proposals to design a new museum in the coniferous forest towards the border between Norway and Sweden where the people “Skog-finnene” immigrated to Norway in the 17th century. A museum where the culture and the history of Skog-finnene is preserved and conveyed. The building consists […]

The buildings in Våler are surrounded by nature. Rather than an urban fabric where buildings defines urban spaces we read the buildings as elements surrounded and connected to the landscape. The proposal for the school and the activity hall emphasizes on these qualities where the buildings are pavilions that is infiltrated and mixed with the […]

The proposal continues the vision of a Vikingship house placed rurally and surrounded by a park. The extension of the building is built on the north side as a new wing where the form of the buildings stretches out towards the park and achieves contact towards the landscape, the light and the nature. The new […]