Social housing in Gavà We propose 3 buildings for social housing consisting mainly of apartments with an N/S orientation, communicating […]

Våler skole The buildings in Våler are surrounded by nature. Rather than an urban fabric where buildings defines urban spaces […]

Social housing in Glories Cerda’s Eixample grid creates the premises for the shape of the given lot in Barcelona. The […]

Sørlandet kunstmuseum The Kunstsilo competition called for proposals to transform the Odderøya grain silo, which was built in 1935 on […]

Trygve Lies Plass An urban recycling operation consisting of the following operations: 1. insertion of a green mobility center as […]

The population in Sogn og Fjordane is decreasing while Førde is growing slightly. By strengthening the city center of Førde […]

Førde is a regional city of importance located in western Norway. The expected growth of Førde is estimated to be […]

Førde Rådhus After winning the prequalified competition for Førde Town Hall we were asked by the municipality of Førde to […]

Masterplan for Jessheim Jessheim is a city near the Gardermoen airport, with a growing population, a big need for new […]

Ålesund Masterplan Ålesund is a city with a growing population and need for housing, commercial, public and cultural programme, as […]

Haugesund Urban Plan It may be easy to define the immediate programmatic needs for the city of Haugesund, but we […]

Masterplan Åndalsnes The goal of the project is to reinforce the centre of Åndalsnes, a village currently experiencing a loss […]

Masterplan for a new ski-village Our project proposes a village that climbs up the mountain-side, intertwined with the landscape. This […]

Fribourg Urban Plan With Fribourg seeking to provide itself with a greater variation in housing and richer cultural infrastructure, it […]