With Fribourg seeking to provide itself with a greater variation in housing and richer cultural infrastructure, it is looking to find ways to develop this site overlooking the old town center. The intention is to find a way to use this parcel of land as a link between the old town and surround neighbourhoods, whilst […]

Our project proposes a village that climbs up the mountain-side, intertwined with the landscape. This structure also maintains the original strips of land that run down the mountainside to the national highway and the river, ensuring access to nature for everyone whilst reducing the environmental impact of the complex. To further reduce the footprint on […]

Jessheim is a city near the Gardermoen airport, with a growing population, a big need for new housing and great potential for economic expansion. Due to its rapid growth, the city requires the design of its future urban development. We believe in a compact urban development for Jessheim. A compact city consumes less agricultural land […]

Ålesund is a city with a growing population and need for housing, commercial, public and cultural programme, as well as a new city portal for cruise tourism. The pressure makes foreseeable the future urban development. The site lies adjacent to the city’s historic core and current city centre. We propose to build upon Aspøy’s dense, […]

It may be easy to define the immediate programmatic needs for the city of Haugesund, but we are convinced that a site of this scale should be developed over time and thus answer to the constantly changing needs for the city. In order to accomplish this we propose to set up a game board. An […]

The goal of the project is to reinforce the centre of Åndalsnes, a village currently experiencing a loss of both population and industry as well as facing uncertainty in its urban development. The village is also an important tourist destination, both as a port for cruise ships, but also as the final stop the Raumabanen […]

The population in Sogn og Fjordane is decreasing while Førde is growing slightly. By strengthening the city center of Førde as a social and regional center, it can become a more interesting town in the future. An enhancing of the city`s character could make it easier to attract commercial interests like educational institutions, public administration […]

The Kunstsilo competition called for proposals to transform the Odderøya grain silo, which was built in 1935 on the wharf Silokaia in Kristiansand, Norway. It stands next to the Kilden Performing Arts Centre. The kunstsilo proposoal harnesses all the expressive power of a silo (an existing heritage building) in order to generate a diverse and […]

The buildings in Våler are surrounded by nature. Rather than an urban fabric where buildings defines urban spaces we read the buildings as elements surrounded and connected to the landscape. The proposal for the school and the activity hall emphasizes on these qualities where the buildings are pavilions that is infiltrated and mixed with the […]

An urban recycling operation consisting of the following operations: 1. insertion of a green mobility center as continuous surface and facade of the plaza which acts as a dynamizer over an existing area, 2. densification of existing alignment trees and reduction of parking. 3. asymmetric arrangement of wheeled traffic circulation. Superficial interventions reconfiguring the existing […]

Cerda’s Eixample grid creates the premises for the shape of the given lot in Barcelona. The lot is located close to many cultural institutions in a merging area. The main programme is social housing and commercial, and takes form in four lots with four forms creating four distinct buildings with the same capacity utilization, and […]

We propose 3 buildings for social housing consisting mainly of apartments with an N/S orientation, communicating visually to the surrounding green areas. Commercial locals are in the northern part of the lot, while the access to the parking is located at the lowest part of the inclined lot in south. The parking follows the footprint […]