Around a patio

Community Center

Our proposal for a new community centre in Baró de Viver (Barcelona) is designed as a compact volume organized around an open courtyard. With a starting point in the classical scheme of a court house the footprint has been adjusted to the site and a future expansion of the centre. Surrounding the courtyard is an open area that houses both the lobby and a general area for the elderly; acting as a meeting/mixing place and an internal infrastructure between programs (in addition to the courtyard).
By carefully grouping the programs by user, it is possible for the centre to simultaneously house several independent activities, also opening for an easier “after hours” use of certain functions in the building whilst also achieving a greater flexibility and openness in everyday use.




Project Around a patio

Location Barcelona

Year 2011

Comission Open competition

Client Ajuntament de Barcelona

Project Area 1.575 m2

Architects Maria Mestres, Feileacan McCormick, Erlend Strønstad, Magnus Wåge