Building Smart pavilion

The task was to design a temporary pavilion at the trade fare beyond building in Barcelona for Building Smart Spanish chapter. The pavilion was to house nine different companies that all work with different aspects of Building Information Modeling (BIM). In addition to being an extrovert design for communication with the visitors of the trade, the stand is open enough to promote relations between the nine companies of the pavilion.
The site is 10m x 8m. A central meeting table with common storage room is surrounded by the individual stand of each company. The basic module for a stand is 2,5m x 2,5m and is subdivided in three basic elements: Bench, Bench with exhibition wall and reception. In addition each stand has loose tables and chairs. The modules are made so that they may be rotated and put together in a number of ways to adapt to specific needs and situations. The Pavilion is made entirely out of recyclable cardboard, precut with a CNC- cutter and assembled in the Embamat factory. All electrical installations are integrated and may be reached through registries. Storage is organized in a common storage room in the center of the pavilion and locally inside the cardboard elements.

Location Barcelona, Spain
Year 2015
Comission Direct
Client BuildingSmart Spain
Status Temporary
Project Area 80 m2
Budget 7.028,25€
Architects Mestres Wåge Arquitectes SLP, Team: Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge, Peter Geelmuyden Magnus
Consultants Carles de la Cruz, Embamat, Photos: Jose Hevia