Cava Bubbles

Restaurant at Aker brygge

The building is divided into a series of zones formed by the circles and the negative spaces inbetween them; the circles themselves are cropped by the sites boundaries and span several stories (from basement to 1st floor). Different areas may have different qualities and can be programmed individually as a group. The structure may contain several bars & restaurants, with a single (or several) owner(s).
In addition the excellent solar conditions of the site, the Tingvalla dock is surrounded by spectacular vistas & important public spaces (Akershus fortress, the City Hall, the Oslo Fiord, etc.). In response to this we have designed a building without a front or rear façade with the various interior spaces each having their own, important, view.




Project Cava Bubbles

Location Aker brygge, Oslo, Norway

Year 2009

Comission Open Competition

Client Norwegian Property

Status Honorable Mention

Project Area 1.270m2

Architects Mestres Wåge Arquitectes SLP, Nordplan AS, Team: Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge, Arild Wåge