City hall Porqueres

City hall, CAP, Library, Placa major, Archive

How does one simultaneously achieve building a public square and creating a public space? As the site for this new public space and town hall lacks the situation typical of such a program; usually an opening in an otherwise dense urban area, there is a risk of the square and its required buildings becoming undefined relative to the dimensions of the site.
As the site currently has the potential to become a new park for Porqueres, the question becomes one of how to create a public square in a park. To avoid disrupting the visual continuity of the park and to allow the completion of the square in a single project, the square is placed below ground level. The publically oriented programs are placed strategically around the square and enjoy a relation to both a park and a plaza.




Project City hall Porqueres

Location Porqueres, Spain

Year 2005

Comission Two Phase Open Competition

Client Ajuntament de Porqueres

Status 1st prize

Project Area 3.000m²

Architects Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge