Social housing in Glories

Cerda’s Eixample grid creates the premises for the shape of the given lot in Barcelona. The lot is located close to many cultural institutions in a merging area. The main programme is social housing and commercial, and takes form in four lots with four forms creating four distinct buildings with the same capacity utilization, and the organization becomes four volumes surrounding a public courtyard. By making it permeable with different access points from the street level a public plaza is introduced, surrounded by a series of community spaces. It creates a graduation of privacy from the street to the three different apartment typologies that we propose.




Project Delta

Location Glories, Barcelona

Year 2017

Comission Open competition

Client Municipality of Barcelona

Project Area 28.000m2

Architects Mestres Wåge Arquitectes: Magnus Wåge, Maria Mestres, Martin Hauge. Ghilardi Hellsten Arkitekter: Franco Ghilardi, Paola Simone, Henrik Poulsson