Information Hall

Helsinki Central Library

Changes in information technology have provoked a shift in the function of the library. Information is nowadays to a large extent available on digital devices anywhere, with an increasing amount of books and other media available digitally. In the context of this we see a shift from the library as a centre for access to- and the lending of books, towards an urban meeting place centered upon the access to different, ever-changing and evolving media(s) where information and gadgets float through it like flotsam. As a synergy effect we hope that people may also gather just to meet, have a cup of coffee or warm themselves from the cold. In turn this can expose media to anyone who uses the library also as a public space.
The painting “Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper expresses, in part, the ambition behind our proposal. The open transparent space, visually connected to the outside, invites to participate and connect with the people engaging in the activities on the inside. We have applied this notion to the relationship between outside and inside, as well as between the functions on the inside.




Project Information Hall

Location Helsinki, Finland

Year 2012

Comission Open internatinonal competition

Client Helsingin kaupunki

Status Submitted

Project Area 14.440 m2

Architects Maria Mestres, Feileacan McCormick, Fredrikke Frolich, Magnus Wåge

Consultants Aiguasol