I garnet

The fish market in Bergen

Our proposal for the new market of Bergen is a 28x55x8m rectangular box. The building is an object on the quay; a box for fish wrapped in fishing nets and algae, metaphorically linking the building to the sea. The market is related to four different situations. The proposal seeks to engage and participate in the surroundings by being transparent without a front and rear façade, thus acting extroverted and inviting on all sides.
The ground floor contains shops that are designed for comfortable circulation between them and good conditions for sale of fish and other goods. The first floor is intended for multiple uses such as dining area for the market, exhibitions, conferences, concerts and other events. Large openings in the first floor create a connection between the first floor and the ground floor. We want the market to work as a theater where you can get cultural as well as culinary experiences.




Project I garnet

Location Bergen

Year 2009

Comission Open international competition

Client Bergen Kommune

Status 3rd Prize

Project Area 2.080m2

Architects Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge

Consultants Arild Wåge, Lluis Escudero Domenech