Jessheim Boogie Woogie

Masterplan for Jessheim

Jessheim is a city near the Gardermoen airport, with a growing population, a big need for new housing and great potential for economic expansion. Due to its rapid growth, the city requires the design of its future urban development. We believe in a compact urban development for Jessheim. A compact city consumes less agricultural land and needs a more economically and environmentally sustainable infrastructure. A dense urban structure enhances the city programmatic and socially: more people, more business, more culture, more jobs, more defined and varied public spaces
Jessheim boogie woogie Gystad Marka proposes to develop a reticular network interrupted by existing trails, roads and buildings. The grid is interwoven with new parks, trails and paths connecting the expansion of the city with the surrounding landscape and the existing city. It allows the development of various urban spaces, housing typologies and equipment without losing its caracter. Fits the city economic circumstances and the changing needs of its citizens through time. The planning proposal shows an average density of 160 units per superblock, with an average of 3 plants. The plan opens for different typologies with different density. The northern area is set as waiting area and may develope later.




Project Jessheim Boogie Woogie

Location Jessheim, Norway

Year 2012

Comission Open internatinonal competition

Client Municipality of Jessheim

Status Submitted

Architects Maria Mestres, Feileacan McCormick, Fredrikke Frolich, Magnus Wåge