Mer Ålesund

Ålesund Masterplan

Ålesund is a city with a growing population and need for housing, commercial, public and cultural programme, as well as a new city portal for cruise tourism. The pressure makes foreseeable the future urban development.
The site lies adjacent to the city’s historic core and current city centre. We propose to build upon Aspøy’s dense, urban qualities; adding more people, more business, more culture, more tourism, a higher quality of public space … By intensifying the city’s life we can use the benefits of a dense, urban situation in order to ensure a more sustainable city & economy. Due to the relocation of harbour-activities, there is a unique opportunity to further develop the urban structure of Aspøy and Nørvøya. We have defined a public seafront, a promenade/marine park along which all public facilities are located. Between the public seafront and Nedre Strandgate, new built mass can act as an expansion of the existing city core with common links ensuring interconnection & intertwining between city and harbour.




Project Mer Ålesund

Location Ålesund, Norway

Year 2011

Comission Open international competition

Client Ålesund Kommune

Status Purchased

Architects Maria Mestres, Feileacan McCormick, Erlend Strønstad, Magnus Wåge, Arild Wåge (Konsulent)