The Viking Age Museum

The proposal continues the vision of a Vikingship house placed rurally and surrounded by a park. The extension of the building is built on the north side as a new wing where the form of the buildings stretches out towards the park and achieves contact towards the landscape, the light and the nature. The new building: The extension of the museum is placed discreetly on the north-west side of the existing building, and it is connected to the north wing of the museum. This gesture creates new landscape spaces between the new and the old part of the museum, and at the same time it continues the landscape concept in the building of Arneberg; about stretching out towards the landscape while infiltrating the surrounding park.
A row of independent hall buildings that repeats the dimensions from the existing museum where the exhibited Viking ships are placed in a row and connected. In the interior, the row of halls is column free to give flexibility related to the needs of today. The variation of the roofs results in an interconnected room that can be organized/staged/delimited with different ambiences by needs.




Project Nóatún

Location Oslo, Norway

Year 2015

Comission Competition

Client Statsbygg

Status Purchased

Project Area 13.000m2

Architects MestresWåge Arquitectes SLP & MX_SI Architectural Studio: Maria Mestres Domenech, Magnus Wåge, Boris Bezan, Mara Partida Muñoz, Hector Mendoza Ramirez, Olga Bombac

Consultants Other structures: Lluis Escudero Domenech, Jaume Goma Gallego