Opera Kristiansund

The project respects and further develops existing urban spaces, streets and patterns of movement. Fragments of the existing school building, important to Kristiansund’s collective memory, have been preserved and integrated into the new building. Folkets hus has been restored to its original appearance and reprogrammed for use by the university.
The floor plans are designed to give maximum flexibility and at the same time serve the specific demands of a complex set of users by allowing the (re)combination of spaces. The opera hall is visually connected to the upper floors via windows that can be blinded, and functionally through sliding walls to the surrounding rooms. Both windows and sliding walls are soundproof. A retractable amphitheater is proposed for the main hall and the symphonietta hall. The layout allows for varied and combined uses such as banquets, trade shows, dances, contemporary concerts, theater, exhibitions, trade-fairs and, of course, opera.

Project Opera, dance school, youth center
Location Kristiansund, Norway

Year 2010

Comission Limited international competition

Client Kristiansund Kommune

Status Submitted

Project Area 13.500 m2

Architects Mestres Wåge Arquitectes SLP, Nordplan AS Team: Grete Marøy Selvoll, Mariann Dellnes, Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge, Arild Wåge

Consultants Brekke og Strand (acustics), NovoScen (stage technique)