Sandnes Rådhus

The plan for the harbor park envisions a new urban area including an attractive waterfront promenade. The extension of Elvegata ties today’s city centre to the new neighborhood. The position of the Town Hall in the crossing between the waterfront promenade and Elvegata grants it with a central position where pedestrian- and bike lanes cross. The project aims to contribute in giving variation in urban space in the encounter between these two important spaces.
The New City Hall has a central square which opens up towards the waterfront promenade. The square brings outdoor public space into the building. Elvegata and the waterfront promenade are urban spaces with large dimensions and the Town Hall square introduce a smaller and more intimate space. Public functions in the building are positioned towards the promenade and Elvegata: Canteen, entry hall, exhibition area and conference hall. These functions can be in use beyond the ordinary opening hours and give life to the area during all hours of the day. The large, roofed area towards the water provides protection on a rainy day or shadow on a sunny day. Along with the waterfront promenade and Elvegata, the Town Hall Square can be an active urban space on a daily basis and in addition serve as an arena for various events such as the 17th of May.



Project New Sandnes City Hall

Location Sandnes, Norway

Year 2015

Comission Open international competition

Client Municipality of Sandnes

Status Honourable mention

Project Area 11.090m2

Architects Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge, Martin Hauge, Kristine Knapstad