Ski Village

Masterplan for a new ski-village

Our project proposes a village that climbs up the mountain-side, intertwined with the landscape. This structure also maintains the original strips of land that run down the mountainside to the national highway and the river, ensuring access to nature for everyone whilst reducing the environmental impact of the complex. To further reduce the footprint on the landscape, we propose few single family houses; instead we propose city blocks of a higher density, strategically opened at points. Allowing for two qualities of public space in the project; the sheltered, intimate spaces on the inside of each block and the open landscape for recreational use.
Another important aspect of the project is the organizing of effective, seasonal logistics. We have defined parking for each “island”, accessible for those who own/rent cars. Others use a general parking area, linked to the daily activity of the station, placed parallel to the road. The internal circulation in the town is by foot, ski, snowmobile or bicycle. We also propose a network of hotspots in the landscape, interventions and programs that activate the landscape beyond skiing; creating activities throughout the year.




Project Ski Village

Location Voss, Norway

Year 2008

Comission Limited international competition

Client Voss fjellandsby AS

Status Shared 1st prize, Masterplan completed

Project Area 40ha

Architects Nordplan AS, Vy arkitekter AS, Harttig Architecten GmbH, Mestres Wåge Arquitectes SLP, Team: Arild Wåge, Lise Ringheim, Lars Ringdal, Endre Sten Nilsen, Sven Harttig, Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge