Slow train coming

Masterplan Åndalsnes

The goal of the project is to reinforce the centre of Åndalsnes, a village currently experiencing a loss of both population and industry as well as facing uncertainty in its urban development. The village is also an important tourist destination, both as a port for cruise ships, but also as the final stop the Raumabanen railway.
Our proposal is a strategy to reinforce the centre of the city with a development plan that allows for slowness and contains a strategy for the accumulation and integration of unexpected programmes and events. As part of this plan we propose creating an urban recreational park that clearly defines the city core and within the core we propose various contextually adapted strategies for densification and reprogramming.


Project Slow train coming

Location Åndalsnes, Norway

Year 2010

Comission Open international competition

Client Municipality of Åndalsnes

Status Procurement

Architects Maria Mestres, Carles Almoyna, Erlend Strønstad, Magnus Wåge