Sola Rådhus

The building is oriented towards and develops a sequence of varied urban spaces for Sola center. The planned City Hall garden connects the park level with th city hall square. The connection between these two central urban spaces infiltrates the facility. The building around the newly established City Hall garden is organized as five volumes that are different in scale: Scale variations are conscious relational grip linking the building to its surroundings: Reduction of scale towards the corner of Town Hall Square with rooftop terrace facing th city. Reduction of height against city park provides better sun in the City Hall garden. Here a balcony from Council Hall towards the park is establish.
Relational cuts, strategically placed to invite in, mark entrances, bring in daylight, reducing scale and create internal relationships. Volumes are connected internally to create good relations between users and good environment for cooperation. Inside rooms are created of varying size orientation and character that relate to each other and onto the urban space, this gives various local characters and spatial experiences in the facility.




Project New Sola City Hall

Location Sola, Norway

Year 2015

Comission Open International Competition

Client Sola Kommune

Status Purchased

Project Area 7.620 m2

Architects Mestres Wåge Arquitectes SLP & MX-SI Architectural. Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge, Boris Bezan, Hector Mendoza, Mara Partida, Olga Bombac, Peter Geelmuyden Magnus

Consultants Other Structures