The museum and the forest.

The competition called for proposals to design a new museum in the coniferous forest towards the border between Norway and Sweden where the people “Skog-finnene” immigrated to Norway in the 17th century. A museum where the culture and the history of Skog-finnene is preserved and conveyed. The building consists of three main parts; the reception, the exhibition area and the administration. The form of the building orientates with its openings towards the forest, the river and the skies, making these qualities a part of the exhibition space.



Project Taiga

Location Svullrya, Grue Finnskog

Year 2017

Comission Open international competition

Client Norsk Skogfinsk Museum

Project Area 1.500 m2

Architects Metres Wåge Arquitectes; Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge, Martin Hauge, Erlend Strønstad, Ona Auskelyte. Kolab: Anna Aniksdal, Sindre Wam

Consultants Other structures: Lluis Escudero. Photographer: Terje Abusdal