Tales of the unexpected

Haugesund Urban Plan

It may be easy to define the immediate programmatic needs for the city of Haugesund, but we are convinced that a site of this scale should be developed over time and thus answer to the constantly changing needs for the city. In order to accomplish this we propose to set up a game board. An active planning department and public participation may over time together play the game of developing program for the city centre including Flotmyr.
For the municipality the Flotmyr area is particularly important since the property is owned by them. This means that Flotmyr may be used strategically also for achieving goals in the rest of the centre for example by swapping sites with private developers if the public has a special interest in a certain area of the Haugesund grid. To be able to set up a fruitful game for the actors of Haugesund we propose to establish a game board that provides a structure wherein the game may take place. By providing infrastructure, public space and connecting the site to its surroundings we define the game board.




Project Tales of the unexpected

Location Haugesund, Norway

Year 2011

Comission Open competition for european architects under 40, Europan 10

Client Europan

Status Honorable Mention

Architects Erlend Strønstad, Leonor Migueis, Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge