The Barn-House

The project is located on a farm in the municipality of Jølster, the clients wanted to transform an old barn into their home. The house they needed was smaller than the existing barn and we proposed to build a “box in the box”. This climatized box was placed in the center of the barn, dividing it into three parts. On each end two generous spaces for outdoor activities but yet sheltered from rain and wind: barbeques, car repair ..
Two other minor boxes are placed in this half climatized areas to serve as entrance and quite studio respectively In the main box it’s placed: the kitchen, the living-room, a mezzanine and stairs down to the sleeping areas.


Location Østenstad, Norway

Year 2016

Comission Direct

Client fam. Øygard

Status Outline proposal

Project Area 155m2

Architects Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge