The Stones

Minery Museum

The museum is divided into ten different buildings that contain a library, administration, cafeteria, auditorium, workshops, laboratory, temporary exhibitions and permanent exhibitions (x3). The buildings are placed on the site in relation to use, light, views and together create a common space between them
To provide the necessary indoor link between the ten buildings we propose an infrastructural building that connects the various building components and forms a central foyer with the main entrance. The infrastructural building shapes the walk through the exhibitions by giving glimpses outwards into the landscape, into the museum courtyard as well as the exhibition spaces. This infra-body has glass walls that provide indirect light to the exhibition spaces. The complex is organized on one floor for universal access and simplified circulation though exhibits.




Project The Stones

Location Jøssingfjord, Norway

Year 2011

Comission Open international competition

Status Submitted

Project Area 1.800m2

Architects Erlend Strønstad, Carles Almoyna, Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge