Våler skole

The buildings in Våler are surrounded by nature. Rather than an urban fabric where buildings defines urban spaces we read the buildings as elements surrounded and connected to the landscape. The proposal for the school and the activity hall emphasizes on these qualities where the buildings are pavilions that is infiltrated and mixed with the landscape. The project establishes a green axis “Skolestien” that draws a line between the river and the village trough the school, connecting several public functions including the activity hall.
The proposal for the school extension follows the principals of the existing wing structure and consists of a wooden frame element that is repeated around three gardens. One of the short sides are lifted a bit so that natural daylight enters from above. The activity hall is lowered into the landscape to the reduce the visual volumetric impact and is constructed by using wooden trusses. By breaking the building into three different volumes the scale is reduced even more.



Project Lysninger

Location Våler, Norway

Year 2017

Comission Open international competition

Client Municipality of Våler

Project Area 8.900 m2

Architects Mestres Wåge Arquitectes: Magnus Wåge, Maria Mestres, Martin Hauge, Ona Auskelyte. Ghilardi Hellsten Arkitekter: Franco Ghilardi, Henrik Poulsson

Consultants Other structures: Lluis Escudero