Silosamlingen wins 1st prize


Mestres Wåge Arquitectes, MX_SI architectural studio and Other Structures are proud to be announced as the winners of the competition for the new art museum and cultural quarter in Kristiansand, Norway with the proposal silosamlingen.

With a simple and powerful strategy, “Silosamlingen” demonstrates an effortless combination of architectural confidence and quiet respect for the silo structure and its new designated programme. The project balances elegantly between total loyalty to the silo and a playful attitude to the sculptural and spatial qualities offered by the structure. A few uncompromising cuts into the silos interior reveals a pure, beautiful, yet monumental central space - lit from above, - giving the whole museum a strong and unique character.
The potential of the silo as a spatial experience and a landmark generating a strong identity - are both maximized without compromises to the functional requirements of a modern art museum.
The spectacular silo void space (atrium) is integrated as a natural part of the circulation and pause areas throughout the museum.

This respectful, yet playful approach – oscillating between control and freedom – results in a unique, bespoke Art museum – A limited number of strong gestures, very rich on experiences for the visitors.

Silosamlingen has successfully solved the challenge of creating a convincing sequence of well proportioned outdoor public spaces – with clear microclimate strategies. These in between spaces will be decisive for urban activities and for creating a link between Kilden (the cultural visitors on the waterfront) and the new Kanalbyen neighbourhood.