Feasability study of Oslo School of Architecture and Design

AHO futures

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) resides in Maridalsveien 29. Since moving into the building in 2001 both the organisation and the number of students has increased by roughly 250 to a total of 650 people. The school now filled to the brim with employees and students has begun to feel an ever-increasing pressure upon its premises. Especially now, with the new landscape architecture programme and planned expansion of its design programmes, the school is faced with important questions regarding the school’s future: How should the schools’ premises be developed in order to tackle future changes? How will AHO be in 20-30 years’ time?

Our proposal became a study of two strategies: a spread and a concentrated expansion of the campus.

Additionally, a series of smaller interventions that may positively affect the internal and external relations of the school in the context of the city are shown. We have aimed to demonstrate both small and larger changes.

This resulted in an exhibition that approached the school through interviews with students, employees and the schools administration. Bymiljøetaten and Byantikvaren have contributed valuable insights and suggestions regarding how to best take advantage of the school’s immediate connection to both Akerselva and the adjacent park area, a potential expansion of the current building mass and the kind of relationship the school should nurture towards the city and nearby educational institutions.

Year 2018

Location Oslo, Norway

Comission  1st Prize Invited competition

Client Arkitektur- og designhøyskolen i Oslo

Status Completed

Architects Magnus Wåge, Maria Mestres, Martin Hauge, Ona Auskelyte, Erlend Strønstad Kolab; Sindre Wam, Anna Aniksdal