Trygve Lies Plass

Flying Carpet

The competition brief contained input from an unusually complex set of agents with different wishes for the development of the Plaza – a green transport hub as an example for a sustainable design.

A number of workshops were held in order to collaborate with the neighbours and collect their wishes for the plaza. We made a lot of attempts to make complex faceted responses, but mid process we decided that the question should be: Can we make a simple architectural response, an Architectural Synthesis that can answer to the complexity of the brief? Simple form – complex performance.

There are two main objectives: one of a social nature, aimed to generate urban, economic, cultural, sport, recreational, activities in a multipurpose space, and one of an environmental nature – the bioclimatic adaptation of an outdoor space reacting differently according to the weather conditions.

Main conceptional components include an urban topographical carpet, a green gradation to urban public and programatic urban actions in order to create and promote identity and citizenship appropriation (green-Furuset, art -Furuset, play-Furuset, light-Furuset, shop- Furuset…)

Year 2016

Location Oslo, Norway

Comission 1st Prize Open competition

Client Municipality of Oslo

Status 1st place

Project Area 5.200m2

Architects MestresWåge Arquitectes SLP & MX_SI Architectural Studio: Maria Mestres Domenech, Magnus Wåge, Boris Bezan, Mara Partida Muñoz, Hector Mendoza Ramirez, Olga Bombac

Consultants Degree of Freedom AS & Granlund Consulting OY: Gaute Mo, Marcin Kaciak, Ville Reikanen, Juha Viholainen