Sørlandet kunstmuseum


How to maintain the patrimonial value of the grain elevator from 1935, and at the same time develop it into a contemporary Museum of Art? The building is in decay and will not survive without the new inhabitant.

Kunstsilo is a rehabilitation and transformation of the grain elevator on Odderøya in Kristiansand into an art museum. The original silo was designed by Korsmo and Aarsland Architects – leading figures in the functionalist movement in Norway. Today it is located next to the Kilden Performing Arts Centre and is to become a part of Kristiansand´s new cultural quarter with strong regional ambitions.

From the Jury report in the competition: “The Kunstsilo proposal harnesses all the expressive power of a silo (an existing heritage building) in order to generate a diverse and complex urban space with a variety of spatial, pro­grammatic and climatic characteristics. The proposal consists of a new museum, a performing arts school, a hotel and a building to be used as an incubator for artistic start-ups. The project strikes an elegant balance by com­bining respect for the qualities of the silo building with an imaginative attitude to the inherently sculptural and spatial experiences it offers. With a few cuts into the interior of the silo, an understated yet monumental volume is opened up with controlled top-lighting that gives the future museum a strong and unique character.”



Year 2017 – 2024

Location Kristiansand, Norway

Comission 1st Prize Open International Competition

Client SKMU

Status Kunstsilo will open its doors on May 11th, 2024

Project Area 8.850 m2

Budget 750.000.000 NOK

Architects Mestres Wåge Arkitekter, Mendoza Partida, BAX Studio

Photos Alan Williams Photography