Fjordane district court


Fjordane district court – a complete rehabilitation and reprogramming of 2 buildings from the 70’s – is a part of Førde city centre’s revitalization process.

The building will house a district court with office areas, 5 courtrooms, administration and reception. Public access and functions are placed on the ground floor with Hafstad Road orientation to strengthen it as a pedestrian core.

The office area is placed on the upper floors surrounding a new triple height space that functions both as a social core for the employees and as an access to cantina, social zones and roof terrace.

Building´s original structure is maintained and modified to fit to the new use, facades and general layout is renewed.

Year 2018

Location Førde, Norway

Comission  Direct

Client Hafstadgården AS

Status On going

Project Area 3.000 m2

Budget 90.000.000 nok

Architects Magnus Wåge, Maria Mestres, Martin Hauge, Ona Auskelyte, Erlend Strønstad